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Please note the virtual iPod is undergoing maintenance,
intermittently full functionalitiy may not be available.

The App is now years old!

You can now get your weekly CBN on your iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices!

Point your hand-helds QR reader here to get yours now.
Point your hand-held's
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A few facts about the mobilization of the web.
- 90% of phones today can browse the web.
- In 2014, Mobile Internet usage overtook Desktop usage.
- Half of all local searches are done from a Mobile device.

  Shouldn't your company be a part of that?
-We have had an app for over years now, that allows you to get your CBN right on your hand-held.
-It works on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android dvices.
-You can get it for free right from our website, every week.
-You get your current issue every Saturday.
-You do not need to be online to use it! You need only be connected to the internet to download a new issue.


What do we do?

The Coffee Break News is a year old company that publishes family friendly, feel good, content and freely distributes a 12 page printed version throughout Yellowknife and an electronic version via an app. The business is completely advertiser supported and enjoys a following of very loyal advertisers.

We publish our content and ads in 4 different media
1) Our Flagship is a 12 page printed paper distributed throughout Yellowknife
2) Our newest media addition is the CBN App, which displays the same weekly content the hardcopy offers, on your hand held.
3) We produce election type of display buttons to promote your events
4) And finally we maintain this website which allows people who do not have an iDevice to view our App content, using the CBN virtual iPod, on their computer.

What we DO NOT do?

- We DO NOT publish journalistic stories. This is a Feel Good publication.
- We DO NOT publish classified ads. To us classifieds are not entertainment.

We want you to know that the CBN is a place you can come and feel good. If you are having a rough day, you can be assured you will find some uplifting, entertaining and safe content inside.

Come on in and enjoy :-)

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