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We make buttons!
You know those election type of buttons that people wear that say "Vote for...". They have a metal back with a safety pin you attach them to your shirt with. (We can also make them with a magnet on the back so you can stick them on the fridge or filing cabnet!)

Here's the scoop!
  • CBN can manufacture 1 1/4, 2 1/2 inch and 3 inch display buttons.
    Most people in and around Yellowknife will know the buttons that were used during the annual Caribou Carnival every spring until 2012. Those are the type of buttons that we can make for you. (The CBN made the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 Carnival buttons)
  • There are 4 choices of backs. Pin, Keyring, Magnet and Mirror
    Because of the carnival and other such events most people are familiar with the pin back type of buttons that you wear on a shirt or a coat. Some times though, a pin through your clothes is not desirable, such as with a leather coat for example. Because of this we offer a keychain type of backing. This allows people to hang the button on the zipper pull, button hole, D ring etc. without marking their clothes in any way.

    Some times a wearable button is not desired at all. This is where the magnet and mirror backs come in. If you want to display the button on a fridge or filing cabinet the magnets work well. If you wish to have the button at hand, in a pocket or purse for example, the mirror creates a useful tool out of your creation.
  • You can supply the content or we can print it for you.
    If you supply the button faces (the artwork you want to have the button display) it must be printed to our specifications, so that it fits in the machine. We can supply the template to the printer. Please call us to arrange for this service.
  • We can make a button from a photo, from printed material even from cloth!
    If you can print it on a sheet of paper we can make a button out of it, that includes photos or even greeting cards! If you have a special request call us and we can work with you, one on one. Buttons come packaged in bulk.
  • We can deliver them to you any way you would like.
    Usually customers require some form of bulk packaging so generally the buttons come to you in bulk packaging that weighs about 38lbs per 1,000 buttons. We need 1-2 weeks to produce your buttons, depending on the size of your order of course. If you have special needs, such as gift wraping or presentation packaging, let us know and we will do our best.
  • We can create the artwork or you can send it to us.
    Remember, electronic versions of artwork reproduce better. That is why we accept artwork only electronically. Usually it is emailed directy to us but we can come and pick it up on a disc (CD, DVD, Zip 100 or floppy), or memory stick (Thumb drive). We can read both PC and Mac discs.
  • There are all kinds of options to make your buttons unique!
    We can add a ribbon or two to your button and it becomes an award! Add a rosette around your button award for even more prestige. You can even get a small display easel to turn your button into a desk or mantel display! Let us know what you have in mind!

    Display your buttons with a stand up easel

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