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How can we help you get the word out ?

We have 3 main tools for you.
  1. The Coffee Break News in Yellowknife - Our flagship!

  2. Put an ad in here and almost everyone in Yellowknife will hear about it!
    We distribute about 800 copies to about 50 different places around Yellowknife every week! They are in places where multiple people read the same copy. Places like waiting room, restaurants, coffee shops etc. We have had a few of the people that distribute the Coffee Break News in their establishments estimate that between 2 and 7 people see a single copy! Oh, and the same person usually even looks at it multiple times!

  3. The Coffee Break News App
  4. That's right, Get it right on your hand held every week!
    You can get all of the great content on your iPod, iPhone, iPad or android hand held device every week the same time the hardcopy gets delivered in Yellowknife. All the same content plus some games and specialty features that the new devices allow us to deliver. Even if you do not have a hand held you can see the content right on our website with the CBN virtual iPod! Click here now to give it a try.

  5. Display Buttons
  6. Draw extra attention to your event!
    Most everyone has heard that the key to getting a message across is to tell people about it many times in many diferent ways. We now manufacture 1 1/4, 2 1/2 and 3 inch display buttons using photos, artwork, even cloth! You know, those election type of buttons that people wear that say "Vote for...". (We hav made many of the election buttons you have seen) They have a metal back with a safety pin you attach them to your shirt with. (We can also make them with a magnet on the back so you can stick them on the fridge or filing cabnet or even a keychain so you don't have to put a pin through your coat!)

Come on in and take a look around, you'll soon see why people say we are ...

"an essential part of their northern advertising"

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