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Frequently Asked Questions
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Our most common questions ...

If I purchase "X" number of ads do I have to run them consecutivley or can I choose when they are published?
You may run your ad in any issue you would like, provided space is available of course.
Eg. If you purchase 8 insertions you could concentrate 4 of your ads in the 4 weeks prior to when your business has a sale and the remaining 4 ads could be inserted once a month after the sale is finished.

When do I have to have my ad in, to be published in the next issue of the Coffee Break News?
  • Yellowknife Edition
    The deadline for ads is Tuesday by 5:00pm. (6 days prior to the issue date) The Coffee Break News is created Wednesdays, printed Thursdays, and delivered on Fridays.

What if I order an ad or series of ads and I miss the deadline?
Since we have a limited amount of ad space it is the responability of the advertiser to ensure their ad is in to CBN by the ad deadlines. If an ad is not in on time CBN will try to reschedule another customer for the ad space. If that is not possible a non-profit/charity/public service type of ad will be inserted and credit will be given to the scheduled advertiser for sponsorship of that ad. This is particulary relevant for unique ad spaces such as full page ads, "Expert Tips" etc.

I would like my ad on the "X" page, how can I do that?
Ads are placed using 2 criteria.
  1. Frequency of advertising
    How often have you advertised in the Coffee Break News

    1. Those people who currently are advertising in the CBN will have priority
    2. Those people who have advertised in the CBN within the last year will be placed next.
    3. Those people who are first time advertisers will be placed 3rd.

  2. When the ad was ordered
    All other items being equal ads are placed on a first come first served basis.
How much does it cost to ...?
Please check the "Rates" page for any pricing information.

When must I pay for my advertising?
Payment is due when the ad is ordered.
You will receive an electronic invoice by email when you order the ad on-line.

What forms of payment does the Coffee Break News accept?
Coffee Break News accepts
  • eTransfer,
    This is our preferred method of payment
  • Visa,
    CBN accepts Visa and Master Card
  • Master Card,
    CBN accepts Visa and Master Card
  • cash,
  • cheque,
  • money order.
(Remember payment is due when the ads are ordered)

I am a charity, non-profit, not-for-profit, etc. do you give special rates to me?
Yes, we can offer 1/2 price "no profit" ads under the following conditions.
  • Orders must be pre-paid
  • Orders must be for a minimum of $100
    (8 insertions of a 2" ad, 6 insertions of a 3" ad etc.)
  • We will gladly create an ad however only text changes to the ad will be provided
    (you can provide us with a new ad if you wish)
  • Ads will be placed on a space available basis until they are all used.
    (If an issue of the Coffee Break News is full of regular ads a "no profit" ad will not be run in that issue)

How does my group/organization place a FREE Public Service Announcement in the Coffee Break News?
EASY! Here are the conditions for a PSA.
  1. PSAs must be received by CBN via email as we literally cut and paste the information into the paper. This way we do not mess up phone numbers, dates etc. (If you do not have email just go to the contact page on the CBN website and send us your PSA right from there!)
  2. Please type out the ad (directly in the body of the email is perfect). Please DO NOT send us a poster or full ad and expect us to pull out the info you wish published in a PSA.
  3. DO NOT type in all caps and please check your spelling.
  4. The maximum number of words is 60.
  5. There must be some call to action in the ad. A contact phone number, email, location etc. where people can get further info.
  6. We reserve the right to not publish or change the ad any way we see fit. (For example, we may cut the number of words in the ad to allow more ads in the space available.)
  7. Ads are placed on a first come first served basis, keeping in mind the dates they are relevant for. (Eg. If we receive a PSA for an event 6 months from now, we will not continually run it for 6 months when there is no space for other events advertised that are happening this week.)
If you would like to see if your ad will qualify as a PSA please
CLICK HERE to go to the rates page for further explanation.

Can I use my own ad, logo, artwork, font, etc. in my ad?
Of course ! We will do our best to present your ad the way you wish.

How can I get my logo, artwork, ad copy, etc. to the Coffee Break News?
The best way is to send it to the Coffee Break News as an email attatchment.
(We can explain how to do it if you are not sure)

We can also accept it on ...
  • a USB thumb drive
  • by mail
Please note: The quality of hardcopy reproduction will not be as good as an electronic copy and should be considered only to convey an idea.

What electronic formats can the Coffee Break News accept my ad in?
We can accept artwork created in most of the popular programs, including.
Coffee Break News
  • Illustrator
    EPS, AI,
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe inDesign (CS4, CS5)
  • Corel Draw
  • Acrobat
  • Word
  • Microsoft Publiser
    PUB (It must be saved as a 98 or 2000 version)

Coffee Break News

The printer we use seems to produce better results with certain formats.
If we have a choice ...
  • Our first format Choice is
    inDesign CS4 (PC)
  • Our Second format Choice is
    A BMP (resolution 600 dpi +)
  • Our Third format Choice is
    An Adobe Acrobat PDF (Press Ready)
    This is how 95% of our ads are received
We may be able to work with Mac formatted material however the Coffee Break News is processed on a PC.

I am from a large company / government department etc. and we have specific requirements for our ads. What do you need from the marketing department to create our ads?
In most cases CBN can create an attractive ad with very little fuss or input from the customer.

However some larger firms and governments require their marketing to be handled in very specific ways. When this happens we are usually supplied with a media disc or website access specifying all of the requirements for the use of their corporate identity. Specific fonts, relational sizes, positioning, limitations, spacing, colours for both text and artwork are all defined and supplied on the media disc (more often now they are being supplied via a special part of their company's website and the CBN is supplied with a code to access the necessary files.)

If you are looking to work with the Coffee Break News to create ads for your company we can do it much cheaper if we have all of this information. If we have to create, alter, discover or otherwise manipulate your art work and text to very specific guidelines we will charge the going design rate to create your ad. Click here to go to the rates page to see the current
design Rates.

If you would like to have the CBN create such specific ads, to have your ad print attractively in the Coffee Break News, we need to create, or have you provide us with the following;
  • - Company fonts in a "true type" format
    (We have a library of over 10,000 fonts and quite likely have yours on file)
  • - Size requirements in either "% of" (some reference, usually the company's logo) or point size
  • - Colours defined in either CMYK, RGB, or a 6 digit web colour number (although we print in black and white we use coloured artwork where possible, to get the best grayscale rendering when printing. And of course all of the CBN electronic media is in full colour.)

    Artwork specific
  • - Vector art in an .ai or .eps format is perfered (Colour information and fonts must be imbedded, outlined or supplied with the file)
  • - if no vector art is available, artwork must be in one of the following formats; .psd, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .bmp, .pdf, .gif, or a .pict file
  • - Artwork must also be at a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. (For comparison; artwork off of the web or off of a fax is usually at 72dpi)
  • - If you are supplying artwork via a PDF is must be created "Press ready" at 600 dpi +
If you supply us with anything less than the requirements above the CBN will have to create the missing parts, in order to control the quality of the output.

What if I would like an ad that is a different size than the regular ads?
No problem! We will do our best to accomodate your request, email us to let us know what you have in mind. (Please keep in mind our ad space limitations as described below)

What if I would like my ad to contain a cupon or be an insert in the CBN, do you do that?
Since several people may read a single copy of the Yellowknife Coffee Break News we offer only "electronic cupons". We can create a specific wesite address which would look like "" and put that specific address in your ad. If there is a cupon or a form etc. you would like people to have, they simply go to your unique web site and download your material to fill out and fax/email it back to you etc.

Now with the CBN App, coupons can be presented to people on their hand helds. We can even send them to people whose birthday is this week for example. Or all female members (just before mother's day for example).
How can I change my ad layout for the next issue?
Minor alterations are gladly completed between ad runs. Eg: If you order 8 ads we will create an ad for you. If after the 4th ad you would like to change the wording just email us with the changes.

How do I know the Coffee Break News will not be filled entirely with ads?
The Coffee Break News has a limit to the amount of space it will allocate to advertising as follows...
  • There is a 2.25 inch column on each page that is reserved for advertising.
  • There is a maximum of five 3 x 5.5 inch display ads per 12 page issue.
  • The back page is also reserved for advertising.
That's it! the rest is content!! There in NEVER more than 6 ads per page.

How many people will see my ad if I advertise with the Coffee Break News?
Every week there are thousands of people that see the Coffee Break News.
  • Between 600-830 Hardcopy issues are distributed throughout Yellowknife (less in the winter when some distribution points are closed)
  • Don't forget the CBN Recycle Feature
    Coffee Break News is unique in that each issue is likely to be read by several people. Our paper is distributed freely where people have a few minutes to relax and browse some light reading. When they are finished with it, the Coffee Break News will likely stay on location to be enjoyed by the next person.
  • As of June 24, 2002 a website was established with about 2,500 hits received a month !!
  • The CBN App
    People anywhere in the world can get the CBN weekly content (including the ads) via the CBN App. We are developing a way to provide statistics for weekly downloads, page views, time spent on each page, device type, system version and Gender of the reader. We will post it here when this service is implemented.

Where is the Coffee Break News distributed?
The Hardcopies of the Coffee Break News are distributed freely to the following locations throughout Yellowknife. (Please Note: Some of these locations are seasonal and as new businesses open and others are closed this is an ever evolving list. We reserve the right to change it at any time without notice.)
Coffee Break News
    Down town
  • Javaroma
  • Bruno's Pizza
  • Boston Pizza
  • The Gourmet Cup
  • The Gold Range Bistro
  • Hairada
  • The Loan Place
  • Breakaway Fitness Center
  • CIBC
  • Northern Flair Beauty Salon
  • Licence Registry
  • Sushi North
  • The Elks
  • Birchwood Coffee
  • Zehabesha
  • Hot Pot
  • Tim Hortons
  • Fraser Tower Suites
  • The Capital Theatre
  • Aurora College
  • Adam Dental
  • Larga Kitikmeot
    The Center Square Mall
  • Rogel's Barbershop
  • Mainstreet Pita
  • A & W
  • Public Library
Coffee Break News
    Old Town
  • Days Inn
  • The Noodle House
  • Wildcat Cafe (in season)
  • Bullocks
    Frame Lake Area
  • The Baker Center
  • MacDonald's
  • MacDonald's (WallMart)
  • Tim Hortons
  • Super 8 Motel
  • Hospital cafeteria
  • Pizza Hut
  • The Laundromat
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Frame Lake Family Dental
  • Hub Insurance Offices
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Medicine Shoppe
  • Co-op
  • Air Tindi
  • Arctic Ambassadors
  • Norland Insurance
  • Chateau Nova
  • Mary Browns
  • Money Mart
What is the Coffee Break News fax list, and how does it work?
As many businesses no longer maintain a fax number the CBN no longer offers a fax service.

I have noticed that a local business, group, association, person etc. has put an article or feature in the Coffee Break News, how do I sponsor a content article or feature?
We are always looking for some local content, something that will be of intrest to those of us who call the north their home. If you have an idea for some content please email us at ""

I have seen a special edition of the Coffee Break News at a conference or special event. My group is holding a special event, would you produce an event specific version of the Coffee Break News for my group?
At a conference we can provide a special event specific copy of the Coffee Break News for each attendee and if many of your people are from out of town we can provide a map of Yellowknife as well. For a special event where the public will attend we can supply a special publication with event information such as grounds layout, activites, schedules etc.

The CBN App lends itself particularly well for this.
  • Get the info into your visitors hands prior to them reaching Yellowknife
  • It allows your visitors to carry their schedule with them on their hand held
  • Include hotel, meeting locations, restraunts etc info all on their hand held (no more I missed the meeting because I did'nt know where it was)
  • We can include a map for our visitors to use even if they are not connected to the internet.
We would be happy to speak with you about a "Special Edition" for your event. Please contact us via email at "" or by phone at 867-445-NEWS (6397).

Will the Coffee Break News sponsor my event, organization, etc.?
Yes, depending on our workload the Coffee Break News may be able to sponsor an event. Contact the Coffee Break News via email for sponsorship consideration at ""
  • Our sponsorship will normally include ad design, ad space, App inclusion etc.
  • The Coffee Break News logo must be included in all forms of event advertising as a sponsor of the event.

Will the Coffee Break News publish my ______________ language ad?
We are unable to publish ads in languages other than English because we have no easy way to confirm their contents. Especially if you are looking for a FREE public service announcement we do not have the resources in staff to confirm the ad's non-commercial nature.

We encourage public service announcements and of course we need advertising to survive. If you wish to submit an ad in English we would be happy to consider it for publication.

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